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Brand New -


Limited Quantity Available

Brand New Gearsets, as received from Ed Byers.
Prices include shipping to the US, but I can ship to many countries for a small difference, delivery times will be a week to 10 days from ship date, we ship DHL weekly. For instance, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom are only about $30 to $50 more, depending on gear size/weight.
Quoted text below from original Byers blurb.

NEW Byers 9 inch diameter gears

1. "This is a NEW BYERS 360-TOOTH TELESCOPE DRIVE GEAR --- with matching precision ground stainless worm, spring-loaded worm bearing housing, and 40-tooth reduction gear. ... an excellent drive system." Center hole has been bored to 4" by Byers to accommodate clutch/hub assembly. A Byers mounted Hurst stepper motor with data and pinion gear is included, see  #1 photo below - $550.00
2. "NEW BYERS 9-inch telescope drive gear, with matching stainless worm." $445.00
3. "This is a NEW BYERS 360-tooth worm gear & matching stainless worm. It was left over from a previous production run for a special customer. It would provide excellent tracking and drive for your telescope." Center hole is 80 mm, additional holes to accommodate various clutch assemblies. Since the wheel is nearly 1/2 inch thick. the integrity of the gear is not compromised. $445.00

NEW Byers 7.5 inch gears

4. "This is a 7-1/2 - inch BYERS worm gear & matching stainless worm. The gear has a 1-inch bore and has 359-teeth, which makes it Sidereal-Rate and will track the stars if the worm turns once in four minutes." Has not been bored for clutch, this fits onto a 1" shaft. $320.00
5. Same as #4, except 360-teeth, 4-inch bore. Single ended worm shaft. $320.00
6.   SOLD
7. Same, but Worm mounted in brass block, which has single shaft mounting. $370.00

NEW Byers 4 7/8 inch diameter gears, 359 teeth, sidereal rate with one worm revolution every 4 minute period = 15 revolutions per hour. Included are matching worms.

8.  SOLD
9.  SOLD
10. Unanodized 359 tooth Sidereal rate gear 1" bore, with stainless worm unmounted, single ended. $170.00.

Shipment to US by DHL Air included in price, Paypal only, no fee. I have nearly 1000 feedback at 100% on Ebay..


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